A Guide to Check the Authenticity of Delta 8 Products


Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid found naturally in the cannabis plant. It should not be confused with CBD as it is not an active cannabinoid like THC and CBD. Unlike CBD, which is known for its non-psychoactive properties, Delta 8 THC can be psychotropic. But, as it is derived from hemp, it is legal for consumption. Also, note that Delta 8 THC can be derived from both hemp and marijuana, but only hemp-derived products such as Delta 8 Treetop Hemp are legal.

It’s best known to give a somewhat same psychotropic effect that you’ll get from marijuana; however, with seemingly less intensity. As it comes from the same plant as CBD and THC, it has similar health benefits. It is beneficial in improving focus, relaxing the mind, and reducing pain.

A Guide to Check if the Delta 8 Products are Authentic

Delta 8 THC is present in low concentrations in hemp flowers. It is created by converting Delta 9 THC or CBD derived from hemp through a chemical reaction. Products like Delta 8 Treetop Hemp are made from THC obtained from hemp. Another method is to spray Delta 8 on the CBD flower and roll it into the CBD kief to coat it nicely.

Therefore, making a good-quality, potent and pure product is a time-consuming, meticulous and costly affair. Not many brands manufacture them, so you’ll not find them very easily. However, some brands have started to manufacture Delta 8 products. To check their authenticity, you should consider the following factors.

Read the Reviews

Reading the product reviews is a great way to find the authenticity of the product. Go through the brand’s website and see what its consumers have to say about the product. A brand that has good reviews is more trusted than a brand that has no product reviews. It’s better that you give more emphasis to real-time feedback and less to those you find on social media.

Source of the Hemp

Knowing the source of your product is very crucial to understand its purity. Hemp is grown all around the world. But in the USA, there are set standards to cultivate hemp plants. As it is highly sensitive to pesticides and chemicals, it needs to be grown organically.

A product made from USA-sourced hemp is considered the best quality as it meets the FDA standards.

Third-Party Lab Test Report

A lab test report will help you check the purity, efficacy, potency, and safety of the Delta 8 product. Only a product that meets all the quality standards set by the FDA gets this report. It will ensure that the product is safe to consume. This report should be readily available on the product page or brand website.

You can even download the report to compare it with other brands. Go for brands that have attached a report with their product as it reflects the brand’s transparency and authenticity of its products.

Ensure that you don’t fall for discounts or low prices but prioritize the products’ purity, safety, and quality. The product you choose should be organic and use all-natural ingredients. It is equally important to choose a brand that has good customer support. Your shopping experience should be worth the money you’ll be spending.