Beginners Guide to E-Liquids


It might be a bit intimidating and stressful to search for the finest vape juice for your kit if you have recently purchased your first vape kit or are about to do so! Where do you start when there are so many new words to learn and so many flavours to select from? To clear up any confusion, here is a guide to e-liquids that addresses some of the most often asked topics.

What are E-Liquids?

Vapour juice, often known as e-liquid, has three and occasionally four chemicals. PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerine), flavouring, and, if desired, nicotine. Each element significantly influences your vaping experience.

How to Choose a Flavour?

There are hundreds of flavours and brands to select from, so picking one depends entirely on personal choice. In the past, individuals who were switching from cigarettes to vaping would start with a tobacco or menthol e-liquid since it had a more recognisable flavour and feel. However, more people are switching to a fruity or dessert flavour.

The key to finally quitting is finding something you truly like and prefer to the typical flavour of cigarettes, so stop by a vape shop to sample a few variations. When you get more experienced, you may develop your own recipes and combine different liquids to make unique concoctions.

How to Choose the Right Blend

The VG creates clouds, while the PG is used to transport flavour. Your desired experience and the vape kit you’re using will determine the type of mix you should choose. Choose a blend such as a 50:50 if you want a similar experience to smoking but with a greater throat hit, more flavour, and less vapour.

The best vape for this is a basic kit with a coil that is at least 1 ohm in resistance. You should increase the VG content if you want to create clouds big enough to block out a solar eclipse, have a softer throat hit, and don’t care as much about strong flavour.

How to Choose a Kit

Referring to the VG/PG ratio once again, the quantity of VG determines the strength of vape you’ll want. If you’re a novice, you should use a starter pod or vape pen kit with a 50:50 VG: PG ratio. They are easy to use, and after some practice, you may experiment with a few different combinations to see which ones are most effective for you. You should choose a simpler kit if you require a greater nicotine dosage to avoid obtaining too much nicotine at once.