Different Ways To Repurpose Plastic Tubes


When you look in your garage or garden shed, it is amazing at the things we accumulate and how quickly. If you have found that you have an abundance of plastic tubes, you may want to consider repurposing these into something useful, and there are lots of options available. Below are some ways to find new uses that the plastic tube packaging manufacturer may not have intended for their products but can give them new life and a new purpose.

A Handy Desk Caddy

You can take some of the plastic tubing you have and cut them into various lengths, and you will also need a base for the desk caddy. You can use a piece of wood or plastic, depending on what you have available. You can then glue the varying lengths of plastic tubing to your base and let it dry thoroughly, and while you wait for it to dry, you can decorate it to make it look fantastic. Before you know it, you will have a convenient desk caddy to help keep pens, pencils, and other stationery tidy, and if you have enough tubing, you can make one for all the family.

Mini Plant Pots For Seeding

If you have green fingers and love gardening, you can also find a use for your plastic tubing in your garden. You can cut even lengths of the plastic tubing and fix these to a base, and you can use these to grow seeds of plants in a shed or greenhouse. You will need to drill a few holes so the water can drain away from them, make sure there is sand and quality soil in the tubes, and you can then plant your seeds and watch them grow before repotting them in larger pots.

A Musical Instrument

You can also turn the different lengths of plastic tubing into a musical instrument that can be lots of fun for your kids. They are like a xylophone, and you will need to make a stand for them and find a way to attach them, leaving both ends open. It is best to get a piece of flat rubber you can use to hit the tubes, and table tennis paddles will work perfectly. Make the plastic tubes different lengths, and you will have lots of additional notes. You can get more information on how to make this for your child by clicking here.

Instead of chucking the rubbish you have accumulating in your home away, get creative and find a new use for it, which will save it from going to landfills.