Explore the Wildlife at Yellowstone Bear World


Planning to run away from the chaos and cacophony of busy city life? An escapade to Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park will take you away from your familiar zone to an exciting world of natural wonders, wild life and adventure activities. In fact, without an amazing adventure into the Yellowstone Bear World, your trip to the region will always remain incomplete.

The park allows you to drive throughout its landscape and explore the wildlife that it is famously known for. We can bet that it will be a unique and unforgettable experience that you have never enjoyed. You will see the free-roaming and fascinating wildlife of North America from a very close quarter while diving through the park. And yes, you are allowed to drive your own car.

How to Go?

The park is only 5 miles south of Rexburg, Idaho on US HWY 20. Therefore, it is easy to access from West Yellowstone and Jackson Home, Wyoming. The region is truly beautiful and its clam and peaceful ambience will soak your tiredness and give some solace to your troubled soul. And hobnobbing with the lovely wild creatures, though from a safe distance, will give you an experience full of fun and thrill that you will never forget in your life.

What to See?

The park is a safe refuge of many rare-to-see wild animals including Moose, Bison, Mule Deer, White-Tail Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Rocky Mountain Goats, Grizzly Bear and American Black Bear.

A visit to the Yellowstone National Park will give you a golden chance to get up close and personal with the wild creatures living in peaceful harmony in the park. The wildlife excursions will allow you to enjoy the wildlife actions with Yellowstone Bear World videos. The park staff allows the visitors – both adults and children – to bottle-feed the bear cubs 3 times a day; it will be lifetime experience for you.

The park will introduce you to a unique kind of petting zoo with a variety of animals. The petting zoo is way different from other petting zoos you may have visited. The petting zoo sprawling over an acre of land at the Yellowstone Bear World is a home to free-roaming birds and barnyard animals.

You might see a couple bottle-fed elk calves or deer fawns coming your way. Don’t fret as they wish to welcome you in the zoo and introduce you to other residents. The adults and kids alike will love their fun-filled excursions through this wonderland of animals and birds. It is a new world for you and your children as well. They will learn to love the nature and creatures and take care of them.

Final Words

The park offers some exciting joy rides to enhance the fun and thrill for the young children. There is a variety of amusement rides for the children aged 3 years or more. However, the adults can also enjoy the joyous rides. An occasional trip to a wonderland gives you all the pleasures and peace that might have lost in the mundaneness of monotonous life. Explore the magic to refill your life with excitement and enthusiasm that it needs to keep moving on gracefully.