How to choose between Medigap plans of G, N, and F?


You would have heard the term Medicare if you are an adult above 65 years of age. It is a medical insurance scheme specialized for those who fall under a certain category after meeting the eligibility criteria. This plan has four basic parts to cover the hospital expenses, pharmaceutical costs, and many more. You will also have an option to get some supplemental plans like plans G, F, and N to cover certain other costs. Let us discuss the process of choosing between these plans.

Choosing between plan G and plan N

Most people confuse while comparing Medicare Plan G vs Plan N. As most patients could not become eligible for plan F and as the premium is high for that category, they will prefer anything between plan G and plan N. You need not confuse with the benefits of plans G and N as most of them would be similar. However, plan G will have a slighter advantage in terms of coverage. In plan G, the monthly premium may be slightly high than plan N. However, your copays will be reduced and you need not spend much from your pocket. In an N plan, it is enough to pay little amounts every month. But you will spend more in terms of copays and other extras. Although the selection between the two is dependent on your wish, the majority of patients go for plan G. It is due to the inability of plan N to cover the following.

  • Sometimes, the providers may be in a situation to pay something extra for your plan. In such cases, they will divert the extra charges to your shoulders. Hence, you may have to pay this amount. An N plan will not pay these extra charges while plan G does.
  • If you have an N plan, you would have to pay copays whenever you visit a doctor or a medical center.

Choosing between plan F and plan G

The two most preferred Medicare supplement plans are plan F and G. Although the majority of the coverage aspects of these two plans resemble each other, there will be slight variations. For instance, you will not pay anything from your pocket in terms of plan F. There is no deductible requirement or copays. All you should pay is the monthly premium asked by the insurer. In the case of plan G, there will be a deductible amount that you should pay every year along with your monthly premium. However, copays will be covered already. So, the following are the two cases to think of while choosing between these two plans.

  • If you can afford higher monthly premiums, you can consider plan F.
  • If you wish to pay only limited premiums, you can go for plan G.
  • If you need extreme coverage with no out-of-pocket expenses, plan F is needed.
  • If you can manage with slight out-of-pocket expenses like the Part B deductibles, you can stay with plan G.
  • Mostly, you will not meet the eligibility criteria for plan F due to various reasons.