How to defog car windshields in winter?


Winters not only provide us with cold weather but also with foggy car windshields. This can make your drive difficult, not allowing you to see the road clearly. Not only this, it is dangerous for other drivers as well. Do you know how to defog car windshields in winter in India? If not, then do not worry here we will discuss how to defog car windshields in winter in India.

Why should you defog your car windshield?

When you cannot see out of your windshield, it is difficult to drive properly. Not only this, it is dangerous for other drivers as well. To avoid such a situation and be safe, you should defog your car windshield in winter by following the simple steps given below:

How to defog a car windshield?

Here are some tips on how to defog car windshield in winter in India

Step 1: Use a good defogger. 

A lot of people use home remedies such as vinegar or toothpaste to clear the fog from their windows. But these can damage your car’s windshield instead of cleaning it. Instead, you should invest in a good defogger which will do the job in much less time. What is a defogger?  A defogger is a type of chemical solution which when sprayed on the windshield will remove the fog and leave it clean and clear. You can easily buy this online car accessories at Carorbis for the best quality product and delivery at your doorstep.

Step 2: Turn on the defogger in your car before you start. 

This will ensure that your windshield is already de-fogged when you get inside the car, it will help you save some time and effort. If possible, leave the defogging setting on for longer than usual because if your windows are really foggy, it might take a while to get them cleared.

Step 3: Use the defroster. 

All cars come with a built-in defroster nowadays but most of us don’t know how to use this effectively. Turn on the vehicle’s defroster to get rid of the mist on your car windows. Make sure it is switched to high, if possible. For the front windshield, keep the temp settings between 4 and 6, and for the rear window, 2 or 3 will work just fine.

Step 4: Park your car in the shade rather than in sunlight. 

This may seem a little counter-intuitive but for various reasons, it is better to park your car in the shade rather than under direct sunlight. The main reason being that the sun’s reflection on the windows will make them more steamed up and hence, you won’t get a clear view of the outside through them.

Step 5: Keep your car heater running. 

If possible, keep the heat running inside your car even if you are not using it. If you want to crank the heater but don’t want to switch on the ignition, use a defroster as well and run both of them for half an hour before turning off the defrosters and switching on the engine or driving away.

Step 6 : Wiper blade should be thoroughly cleaned. 

If you have been driving for a few kilometers with dusty or wet wiper blades, they can deposit mud and water on your front window which in turn will create more steam and cause further obstruction to your view of the road ahead. Take a quick stop somewhere and clean both sides of the windshield wipers to get rid of the filth on them.

It is easy to defog car windshields in winter in India.  Following the above steps will definitely help you keep your car windows clear and defogged. If possible, try to remember these tips for winters as well as summers because they apply equally well during both seasons. However, if there is heavy fog outside then do not drive until it clears up completely. Also, turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers can see you and don’t bump into your car.

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