Important Topics Covered in a Static GK Online Guide


General knowledge, also known as general awareness, is significant in any competitive exam. It is generally split into two portions, static GK and current affairs GK. While Static GK deals with factual knowledge, current affairs deal with current trends and news. When studying static GK and understanding its syllabus in detail, you can get a static GK PDF free download version saved on your computer and use it as a reference point.

What is meant by Static GK?

Static GK implies general knowledge dealing with static facts or permanent facts that remain the same always. Static GK deals with people, important dates, things, places, currencies, etc. Just as historical facts never change, static GK facts remain the same throughout.

The Significance of Static GK

Being thorough with static GK, especially for candidates proposing to take bank exams, UPSC exams, insurance exams, or SSC exams, is crucial. Being well-versed in static GK helps score better marks in competitive exams, as most of the questions asked are to do with facts.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in static GK:

Banking Acts & Reforms

Several banking reforms and acts are being implemented in India to keep updated with the global liberalisation trends. These acts help the banks remain financially sound and healthy and remain upgraded at all times. Being updated and upgraded helps banks remain operationally efficient.

Banking Terminology

Job seekers who plan to take banking exams in RBI, SBI, and IBPS need to be familiar with banking terminology. There are several questions relating to banking terms that appear in these exams.

RBI Governors

Candidates desirous of taking banking exams, especially RBI, need to be aware of the first RBI governor (British), the first Indian RBI governor, and the current RBI governor.

India Census

Being aware of the enumeration of the Census of India for different years is crucial. The last census enumeration was in the year 2011, and the next is due in 2021.

Governors-General of India

The first Governor-General of Bengal was Warren Hastings FRS, and the first Governor-General of India was William Bentinck.

Mughal Emperors

The Mughal dynasty was a vital dynasty ruling India.  The Mughal dynasty, founded by Babur, had several emperors. Knowing the names of some critical Mughal rulers is crucial.

Wildlife Sanctuaries and Bird Sanctuaries

India has several bird sanctuaries with over 1200 species of birds living in these sanctuaries. The wildlife sanctuaries in India help preserve diverse wildlife in their natural habitat.

Riverside Cities

The riverside cities in India were the birthplace of civilisation; most of the important cities that served as the rulers’ capitals were located on the banks of important rivers.

Cabinet Ministers of India

Although the ministers’ cabinet gets reshuffled many times, it is crucial to know the names of current cabinet ministers and ministers of state holding major portfolios.

Historical Monuments

India has several monuments of historical value that UNESCO recognises. These monuments represent the diverse cultures of the country, which candidates need to be aware of.

Prime Ministers of India

India’s prime ministers, starting from the first in independent India, to the most recent (2021), are important and can appear in the static GK portion as a question.

Besides the above, several more topics are part of the syllabus and are available on a static GK PDF free download version for aspirants planning to take competitive exams.

Summing it Up

Static GK covers several important topics that an aspiring job seeker needs to be thorough with. Candidates should download the information and read through it many times to become familiar with static GK topics.