Is EXANTE a good broker?


Traders put a lot of care into their choice of broker, and with good reason. The right broker facilitates simple, well-priced trading with a quality interface, while the wrong one can quickly turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, there are many reviews available online, which can offer some guidance to both new traders and those looking to switch from one broker to another, for whatever reason.


EXANTE is a Cyprus-based broker, now with over USD 2 billion under management, jointly regulated in Malta by the MFSA, Cyprus by the CySEC, the UK by the FCA, and Hong Kong by the SFC. The EXANTE footprint extends beyond those markets, with some sort of presence in over twenty countries worldwide and offering traders the ability to deal in almost any global marketplace they can think of.

With over half a million instruments available to trade, investors asking themselves is EXANTE a good broker could do with reading the linked, comprehensive review. For those with less time on their hands, we have included some of the highlights in this article, to provide a focused summary of the key advantages and disadvantages of trading with EXANTE. Professional investors and eligible counterparties looking for a new broker for whatever reason should research all opportunities thoroughly to ensure they reach the best possible decision.

What do EXANTE offer?

EXANTE operate with a large range of asset classes, and are particularly strong in metals trading, options, ETFs and Futures, alongside standard equity listings. The global breadth of their product offering gives many opportunities to traders with an interest in accessing distant markets. The total number of single equity listings exceeds 24,000. Access to commodities such as metals is possible via futures contracts or specialised ETFs, allowing investors to execute commodity trades without being forced to take delivery of the underlying asset.

EXANTE also offers a wide range of options contracts allowing volatility trading. All products are priced competitively and offer fast execution, allowing real-time trading on global markets. Investors benefit from a simplified interface where they can access dozens of global markets in a single place, without having to open separate accounts, with all the difficulties that ensure. This also helps from a risk management perspective, as it is simpler to see where all the exposure of your portfolio lies when it is accessible from a single interface.

How is EXANTE regulated?

EXANTE is regulated in multiple markets: Cyprus (CySEC), the United Kingdom (FCA), Hong Kong (SFC), and Malta (MFSA). This ensures compliance both with international directives, such as the MiFID2 and GDPR in the European Union, as well as the exacting national requirements for Hong Kong and British regulators. One of the key features of EXANTE is extensive privacy requirements – no unnecessary data is collected, and all data held is done so in strict compliance with the most exacting privacy guidelines. EXANTE offers international investors – with a few sanctioned exceptions and the US – the opportunity to benefit from global markets with exacting regulatory standards.

What differentiates EXANTE?

Alongside their focus on client privacy, EXANTE provides a high level of customer service to their professional client base. Within three minutes clients can receive a human response to any questions, on a round-the-clock basis. Additionally, clients receive dedicated account managers, and full technical support 24/7. This distinguishes EXANTE from similar brokers and is a highly prized feature of their overall service.

On top of this, the global scale of EXANTE, with a footprint in 20 countries and regulated across the four mentioned above, means they can share opportunities not available to brokers focused on a narrower geographical region. This will benefit traders who look worldwide for investment opportunities rather than limiting themselves to their home country.

Unlike some broker, EXANTE is privately owned, allowing them to pursue their own business strategy and goals without outside interference. Of course, this also reduces reporting requirements, and some investors will prefer a publicly listed broker, but others will view their private status as a sign of strength, allowing for a sustained, long-term approach to investment.


EXANTE comes out well of this review, but exactly which broker is best suited to your needs will depend greatly on how you trade. EXANTE deals with both retail and professional clients and eligible counterparties, so you likely have an exact picture of your own requirements already, which should align with your broker’s. Should this be the case, EXANTE is a natural choice for clients interested in privacy, the freedom to trade in any market quickly and at a fair price, and those who require responsive, dedicated customer service.