MMA, It’s All In the Technique; Master The Basics


It can be far too easy to over complicate almost anything, a set of step-by-step DIY furniture instruction are a perfect example. For most people, there are at least 2 vain attempts to put the furniture together, cursing the person who put the instructions together, convinced that they must have never actually seen the item and that the instructions make zero sense. That is until, the unit is finally put together, with parts left over, only then do the instructions start to make some kind of sense;

To become a master the basics must become natural

Some people might think that the word ‘basics’ means ‘simple’ and, not many people like to be called simple so it could be easy to jump in head first and end up way over your head in a valiant attempt to not look simple. The best MMA superstars spent years perfecting their craft and it all starts with the ‘basics’.

When the basics become close to natural, instinctive movement then you will be ready to move onto some variations and, more complex maneuvers but, never let go of your basics, without them you won’t be able to maintain any kind of sustained progress.

A quick look at the moves to master

The JabIf you’ve ever done any form of boxing training, then you should at least partly understand how important your jab is. It’s your best tool for feeling your way in, closer and closer to your target whilst setting up a devastating blow, or combo. Depending upon your style, your jab could very well be a knockout or at least a fierce concussive steel rod of a punch.

The Overhanded- If timed correctly this can be a really affective strike and dummy shot, particularly when it comes to setting up following shots that can completely catch your opponent off guard. The more awkward, the angles are that your dummies or, shots come from, the more likely you are to land something clean and unexpected.

The Roundhouse Kick – One of the deadliest attacks used in MMA Reading which is responsible for the majority of one touch knock outs. The name likely coming from the notion of putting your shin straight through whatever it is launched at with a landing that ends up roughly where it left off from.

The clinch – This can be one of the most satisfying engagements or, the most frustrating. If Your clinch game is strong, then you should be able to move your opponent into which ever position you would like them in and then launch an attack of colossal proportions.

New moves?

New moves are invested all the time and generally speaking, they aren’t anything new, there isn’t much that is unique, they are advanced variations so, however good you become, or want to be always remember your basics and remember where it all comes from.