Tips for Moving with Plants in Toronto


If you are changing houses at short notice and planning to take your plants with you, then you need to shoulder the responsibility of moving them safely from Point A to Point B. The same day movers in Toronto generally will not agree to load the plants on the truck, and even you should not want that as the inside becomes hot when the truck doors are shut during the journey. However, you can always move the plants by yourself by simply following a few easy steps. Consider the following tips for moving with plants in Toronto.

# They must be packed securely

When you are packing the plants, the last thing you would want is for them to topple over during the trip. So it is essential to pack them securely before the journey starts. They must be kept in such a way that they remain stationary during the journey.

# Load them just before heading out

If you ask yourself when to load the plants, we would say that it should be as late as possible. It is best to load them up just before you leave for the new house. Loading the plants early can prove detrimental for the plants’ health as the temperature in the vehicle can get very hot. You should keep the plants with you and avoid putting them in the trunk if the journey is expected to be long.

# Engage in strategic driving to protect the plants

It would help if you kept the weather in mind. If you are driving when the sun is out, make sure that the plants are positioned so that they do not get direct sunlight. If it is a long drive, then you should take intermittent breaks, especially in the shades. You may also drive with the windows open so that the plants do not get humid air. If the weather is too cold, keep the vehicle at a comfortable temperature as plants do not do well in frigid temperatures.

# Water

When you are hiring the last minute movers in Toronto and agree to transport your plants, you can request them to water the plants as soon as they arrive at the new place. You can always do it yourself, but some moving companies will go the extra distance to ensure that you are fully satisfied with their service. If you are carrying the plants yourself, then you can always water them as per their need.

Just call the moving companies well in advance to get your preferred time slot and work out a deal with them to get the best rates.


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