Transform Your Company Residence with a Sustainable Garden Design


It is no secret that we are using up the world’s resources at an alarming rate, housing projects, city parks and commercial buildings all have a negative impact on the environment when sustainability is overlooked. If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be familiar with words such as carbon footprint and eco-friendly, these terms are used to ensure people think about the environment when planning a minor or major project. A sustainable garden is one that mimics and supports its surrounding eco-system.

Finding a Suitable Landscape Consultant

Before you start going through websites, reading books on landscape design and making a mess of the garden, consider hiring an expert who has worked on residential, sustainable projects in the past. Their knowledge, recommendations and expertise in the industry will be invaluable when it comes to creating an eco-friendly space you can be proud of. By taking environmental factors into consideration, high-quality landscape architecture can be achieved using sustainable methods and materials. You’ll be surprised at how eco-savvy a creative landscape consultant can be, leaving you with an exotic water garden design which includes elements such as:

  • Wood Huts
  • Bamboo Fencing
  • Sustainable Water Features
  • Wooden Framed Cabins

They will come up with a breath-taking concept design with every detail carefully examined to ensure sustainability.

Here are some exciting landscape designs to help your sustainable garden look outstanding and have a positive impact upon the surrounding eco-system.

Natural Rock Features

A natural rock feature can be fitted as a water feature to really bring your sustainable garden concept to life. When paired with the movement of water, a rock feature creates a calming, mesmeric element. You can have water cascading down a natural limestone staircase which supplies a pond filled with various species of fish. The pond can be constructed using natural materials which have been sourced locally. A natural rock formation cuts down on space used for garden beds and lawns, this helps to reduce the demand for water.

Asian Concepts

An Asian themed garden is a great way to create a sustainable area which attracts plenty of attention. For example, a Japanese garden can be easily designed using minimal material and features to create an elegant, peaceful space.

Less is More

You don’t have to clutter your garden with plants and other features to create a stunning, sustainable project. More is always less when it comes to designing a garden which mimics its surroundings. Many landscape architects often use plants and trees as borders, they help separate different zones without the need for synthetic barriers. Shrubs and other greenery are perfect for softening up areas of the garden which are dominated by hardscape features such as brick or wood.

A sustainable garden aims to foster a positive relationship with mother nature and its surrounding eco-system. If you are planning on building an eco-friendly garden, it is advisable to consult with a professional landscape architect. They’ll be able to design, develop and implement the project all within your budget.