What Are the Different Motorcycle Types and Which is Right for Me?


Motorcycle riding has evolved much like everything else, and what used to a mode of transportation that was associated with Hell’s Angels and the likes, has now become popular with people from all walks of life. There are many types of motorcycle and fi you are interested in getting about on two wheels, here is a definitive list of the various bike styles.

  1. The Run Around – Some people call them step-thrus or mopeds and they usually have an engine capacity of around 110cc. Idea if you fancy a quick trip to the local shops, and this might be a young rider’s introduction into the bike world. Some people call them scooters, and they have no gears and an automatic clutch and they are very easy to ride.
  2. Sports Bikes – Sports bikes are designed for speed and smooth tarmac roads, and if you would like to see the superb R-Series, check out your local Yamaha bike shop, as they would have the full range. Great road handling and very powerful engines, the sports bike can carry a pillion, but they are designed for the solo rider, with a sunk down seat that lowers your centre of gravity. Fairing ensures minimum air drag, and with engine sizes from 155cc to 1200cc, there’s something for everyone. For someone who is a novice with powerful bikes, the ideal machine to start with is the Yamaha R3, which is a 300cc twin, eater-cooled 4-stroke engine that delivers awesome horsepower to the back wheel. This bike is light, handles like a dream, and is powerful enough to get you out of trouble.

  1. Off-Road Bikes – Going off-road has become extremely popular, as more and more Australians take to the wilderness, on2 and 4 wheels, with exciting quads, and there are a few styles of off-road bike. There are several models of off-road Yamaha motorcycles in Sydney, including the Enduro, the Adventure, the Motocross and the Agriculture, which is aimed at farmers.

  1. Touring Machines – While Yamaha’s R-Series have always been the tops for sports riding, the touring section consists of the famed MJ Series, plus the FJR 1300cc touring bike, which is the flagship of the touring range. Touring bikes should ideally have a large 4-cylinder engine, which can comfortably handle touring speeds all day long, and with 750, 900 and 1000cc models, you are spoilt for choice.

If you are looking for a bike to take you to work in the summer and perhaps a day out relaxing, a sports or regular road model would be ideal. Serious speed freaks would love the Yamaha R6, which incorporates the latest race track technology, using a high powered 600cc engine that can reach extremely fast speeds. Then there is the Yamaha R1, a 1000cc thoroughbred racing machine that offers the ultimate in high speed road use.

Whatever style you choose, Yamaha are the market leaders in motorcycles, and whether you buy new or second-hand, your nearest Yamaha dealer is the person to contact when you wish to invest in a good quality bike.