What are the recommendations for applying for graduate study in the United States?


With the development of the times, studying abroad has become commonplace, and the United States is favored by many people because of its advanced education level. However, it is not so easy to apply for studying in the United States. If you want to be more confident, you can find a study agent to provide you with a comprehensive service. Not only that, if you need to find an internship in America (also known as 美国实习) or find a job after graduation, the study agent will also help you a lot. After graduation, the identity problem will be the most troublesome thing for everyone. The h1b visa and the green card (also known as  h1b绿卡) is generally chosen by everyone, but the application is also very difficult. You can entrust it to a professional law firm, such as goh1b, which you can often see. goh1b has a high level of professionalism and a very good service attitude. He has a good reputation in the industry and is the first choice for international students.

Whether you decide to DIY or find a study abroad company to help you apply for study in the United States, you must have sufficient time during your junior year to understand the admission criteria and application procedures of each US university and what application materials to prepare. Everyone knows that studying in the United States is about to apply one year in advance. If you are a junior, you still don’t know what school you want to apply for. How can you apply for it in your senior year? However, there are more than 4,000 universities in the United States. Which one should you choose? This is a very time-consuming thing. If you are still working hard to learn English TOEFL, you can apply for the h1b visa with the help of  goh1b, a professional lawyer will help you apply. And goh1b will escort your h1b with its professional level and quality.

These two kinds of students are often found. One is that the GPA is very low in the second and second year, 60-70 points, but after the junior year, the score is getting better and better, up to 80 points. But the four-year average GPA still falls below 80 points. There is also a kind of student who thinks that if he decides to go abroad anyway, he puts his time and energy on English training, ignoring the scores of various subjects, and the GPA average score drops to less than 80 points. Even though their TOEFL and GRE/GMAT test scores are good, the low GPA makes their application competitiveness and success rate less than those of GPA students.

If you want to go to the United States to study for a master’s degree, be sure to find out early whether the major you are applying for requires an undergraduate course background and which courses you must have studied. This is very important for graduate admissions. Some American universities do not consider admission to students who do not have an undergraduate professional background. In China, many undergraduates change their majors when applying for graduate studies in the United States, which is completely different from the undergraduate majors, or even completely irrelevant. An undergraduate human resources student wants to go to the United States to study for a master’s degree in accounting. However, there is no accounting-related course in the undergraduate course, and there is no work experience. It is almost impossible to be admitted to a university with a better accounting profession in the United States. may.