What makes it necessary to have a pdf converter?


You would have worked with pdf files many times. As it is difficult to edit pdf, you should buy a pdf editor. However, these factors are making it necessary to have one.

Widely used format


PDF is the most used format in the history of document storage. Although people use a word or other formats to create the files, they are using the pdf format to store them. There are some benefits of storing the files in this format such as the inability to get accidentally damaged or data loss. So, almost every data user out there has to deal with pdf format at any time in his life. Hence, the number of pdf files present out there is also high. Although the format is beneficial as there will not be any accidental edits, there is an issue with this non-editable feature. Whenever a person needs to do some changes, he has to go for a pdf editor. When you compare the number of pdf files out there in use with that of other formats, the former will be greater. Hence, the need for a pdf editor is also high.



As said earlier, there is a huge disadvantage with the world’s most used format for storing text documents. You could not make your changes in the existing pdf files whenever you want. The format does not have the ability to be edited. So, you have to rely on some pdf converters and editors to make the necessary changes. Either you have to convert the file into any other editable format or you should use a direct pdf editor tool. In both ways, only software from external providers could help you do the job. The simple and best solution for this to use a pdf editor a pdf converter out there in the market. So, if you want to edit pdf documents frequently, you must buy a pdf editing tool. As the majority of the stored files would require some edits at times, the tool is of greater use to everyone.

Additional abilities


There might be various issues during the conversion or editing processes whenever you go with a limited-feature tool. It is better to look for the following additional features in the pdf editor tool for better application.

OCR technology – Let us assume that you are about to convert a text document of thousand words and ten images. Once you use a pdf converter that uses the OCR technology, you can convert the file without any loss of even a single word or image. Both the outputs will remain the same and of high quality.

Batch conversion – If you want to convert ten documents at once, you could not do it in a low-end pdf editor or the free tools available online. There, you could do it one by one only. If you wish to convert all the ten files at one stretch, you would have to use a pdf converter that uses the batch conversion technique.