What Should You Look for When Boarding Your Dogs?


There comes a time in just about every pet owner’s life when they realise that they have to be away from their pet for a period of time and they are unable to take their pet with them for that time. It could be a business vacation with reserved rooms at a hotel that does not allow for pets. It could be a planned vacation that you are now searching for a place your dog can stay at while you are gone. No matter where you might be going, you will always want to ensure that your dog is cared for and tended to. One of the best ways to do this is by relying on a dog boarding facility.

Features That Keep Your Dog Comfortable and Safe

As you look into the idea of dog boarding in Sydney, it would stand to reason that you will want to make sure that the place you board your dog is going to be comfortable for it. There are a few primary places you will want to look to make sure that the boarding facility will be a match for your dog. You will want to make sure that the dogs get ample time to play outside, whether with the other dogs or with the handlers at the boarding facility. You will also want to make sure that the dog will be looked after through routine check-ins and interactions, so the dog doesn’t get lonely or sad. Finally, you will want to consider the food that will be supplied and whether it matches with your dog’s diet.

Why Choose to Board a Dog Instead of Getting a Sitter?

When you are planning to go away for a period of time and you cannot bring your dog with you, you face the conflict of trying to decide between boarding your dog for the time that you are gone or having a sitter care for the dog. For most dogs, boarding is going to be the better option for everyone involved. Boarding ensures that the dog will have social attention both from handlers and other dogs and it also ensures that the dog will be looked after the whole time that you are gone, rather than a few times a day.

Consider this: to keep an eye on a dog that may urinate or defecate inappropriately as a response to you being gone, or possibly tear at furniture and walls, a sitter would have to stay at your house for a long period of time, if not the entire day. Not only does this cost considerably more than boarding a dog, but most people aren’t going to feel comfortable with this. On the other hand, choosing to board your dog means that your dog will be watched by handlers, spend time with other dogs, and be in an environment where it can let out its nervous energy where it is more appropriate.