Casino games guide


At DG, you will enjoy a variety of casino games which you will be able to bet on. It would be best if you got to understand how some of these games are played so that you know how to go about.


It is one of the casino games that are well known and thus, one of the most popular. Though it is still a game of chance like other casino games, you will need some skills to play it. It denotes that you will have a direct impact on what the outcome will be by being able to reduce the house edge size to a very minimal.

The blackjack rules are straightforward, and it is not hard to learn the strategy that is involved. You can put the odds in your favor if you get to master the card counting art.


It is also a casino game that happens to be popular with popular rules. There are various options for betting to learn about and variations that are different from the game to consider, and they don’t complicate anything.  There are some strategies which you can apply when you play roulette. But even with the strategy, it is hard to influence the outcome like the way you can do with blackjack. It is a game that is purely gambling as it depends on luck.


If you have ever gone to the most popular offline casinos, then you are aware of how slots are popular. You will quickly tell by having to look around at the various rows of the slot games. You will get so many slots machines installed in a casino because many players like to play on them.

There are few casino games that you can confidently say that they are easy to play as the slots. When playing slots, you don’t require a lot of thinking as all you have to do is put your money in the slot and then pull the handle of the machine or press the button. The online slots are even easier to play, and it is incredible at the variety of games that you will find online.


Craps is one of the casino games that is most loved though it tends to be one of the most complicated of them all. Its principle is straightforward as you have betting on the resuls of  a two-dice roll. You will have several wagers to place on with all of them making everything confusing.

There is no need for you learning all the wagers for you to enjoy playing craps. There is plenty of fun that you can have by making the basic bets, and they are among the many bets which you can place on.

Video poker

It is a game that is based on poker of a five-card draw without having to face any opponent. The aim is to make the best out of the hand of the five-card poker that you can. When your hand is better, the payout becomes better. It is a game that is easy to learn as all that you need to do is to choose the cards you are supposed to discard and which ones to keep.