Why Dental Cavities Can Still Form Even if You Take Care of Your Teeth in Southfield 


Dental cavities may seem inevitable. Regardless of how frequently you brush and floss your teeth, cavities may still develop. If you are wondering why you have cavities even if you taking care of your teeth, visit a dental practice in Southfield for the right answers. A dentist can examine your mouth and consider factors like your lifestyle and medical history.  They can explain the causes of dental cavities and the steps you can take to prevent cavity formation. 

Which Teeth are Prone to Decay?

In general, tooth decay occurs in molars and premolars. Food parties can get lodged in the nooks and crannies of these teeth. Molars and premolars have areas that are not easy to clean, allowing the growth of plaque and bacteria. 

In addition, these teeth are mainly used to break down food before you swallow them. Thus, food can get trapped in these teeth more frequently. Such factors can allow cavities to develop in molars and premolars. Thus, this part must be taken extra care during brushing and flossing.

The Food You Eat Can Cause Cavities

A lot of sugary foods and drinks can stick to your teeth. Then, the bacteria in your mouth will break these substances into acids. Eventually, this can lead to severe oral health damage. 

Sugar items like sweets, sodas, and candies can damage your teeth. Also, soda carbonation can wear down the enamel in your teeth and the sugar that sodas contain can speed up the decay process. Even if you practice proper oral hygiene habits, you can still have cavities if you consume sugary foods and drinks frequently. 

Hygiene and Lifestyle Habits May be to Blame

Brushing and flossing your teeth must be done correctly. Ensure your toothbrush cleans all teeth surfaces by brushing for two minutes. Brush the chewing surfaces, the area where your gums and teeth meet, and the backs and fronts of your teeth. Do not forget to brush your tongue. Make sure to floss in between teeth and eliminate lingering tongue bacteria by using a tongue cleaner. 

Furthermore, if you tend to smoke tobacco products frequently, you can have an increased risk of tooth decay, teeth discoloration, and oral cancer. Eating habits like frequent snacking can lead to bacterial growth. This bacterium will produce acids that can wear down your enamel. Eventually, this can cause dental cavities to form. 

Moreover, some disorders and diseases can cause the formation of dental cavities and tooth decay. For instance, a dry mouth can lead to the buildup of too much acids in the mouth.