The Best Synthetic Urine You Should Have Used For Your Job Drug Test


Did someone tell you passing a drug test at work is a piece of cake? Did you believe them? The narcotic exam is a serious thing and you need to pay full attention to it. Losing your job can create so many problems.

If you already came out positive on it and you’ve been sacked, you can’t let this happen again. Being fired once is one thing, but doing it twice will make you seem like an addict and you won’t be able to get another job for the rest of your life.

In the USA, over 20 million people consumed some kind of drug in the past month. Most of them smoked THC, which is now legal in some states. However, the employers don’t like their workers to be under the influence at the workplace so they conduct these tests to make sure they are clean at all times. See some stats on this here.

It’s not fair, of course, but it is what it is. You have to play by the rules and obey your employer because in the end it’s them who provide the paycheck and you’re working for them, not the other way around.

On the other hand, what you do at home after working hours is completely your business. No one should be telling you how to live your life. That’s why a compromise must be found and everyone will be satisfied.

Since the employer’s red line is getting a negative result, you should do everything in your power to give them something like that. How you’re going to do it, is your business only.

Most of the time, your boss will tell you when and what option has been chosen and will be conducted. If you have a few days, it means you have enough time to prepare for the urine test. The hair follicle one is much harder and you’ll need at least 10 days to make a full detox. Whatever the case is, you have to act fast!

How is the test performed?

All tests for work needs are performed either in a special office inside the workplace, at the hospital, or in a special lab where the sample can be run through the machine right away. If you’re going to do it at the office, your sample will then be taken to the lab where the same will happen.

If you’re doing the urinalysis or the urine test, you’ll be asked to give the practitioners a sample of your urine. They’ll give you a special cup and you’ll have to fill it in the toilet. This is a place where you can have privacy and it is also a place where you can switch the original with a sample that you know will be flawless. For this, you need the synthetic urine kit.

What is synthetic urine and which one is the best?

The synthetic urine is industrially and chemically made urine sample. It is a mixed liquid with all the ingredients a standard human byproduct has. Around 95% water, urea, and all the other little things that come with it that scientists know well of.

This product is used in more different industries and the production of it is massive. One of the places, as we can see, is the faking a narcotic test. How is this done? The product is made to be exactly like the real urine, so when a person gives it to the lab practitioners, they place it in the machine, run the check-up and get results based on what the machine found out inside.

As it is made completely the same, the results say this person has amazing health and there are no toxins inside. The drugs are considered toxins which means you’ve passed. You get to keep your job.

To find the best fake pee is not easy though. There are so many websites out there selling products that are not going to make you pass. Once you transfer the money, you’ll see that they don’t take refunds and you’ve been scammed. Learn about the best places so you know how to avoid these guys.

The best fake pee can be found on some pages that are well known among the community involved in enjoying narcotic substances. Reading some articles online and checking out the reviews of people who had previous experience with drugs and taking these kinds of tests can be very valuable for you.

You should also know that there are different brands and products on the market. They are all very similar but have some differences between them. Things like how they are packed, the amount of liquid in the package, heating options, etc. All these are important for different people based on their needs.

It’s wise if you learn more about how the employer conducted the test previously. Ask some of the colleagues how it’s going to go. See how much privacy you’ll have, what you need to do, and what options you’ll have. You probably know that the temperature of the sample must be exactly like your body temperature.

The lab practitioner expects a real-life sample and if they notice that it’s a few degrees up or down, they’ll know you’re trying to fix the test. The normal human temperature is around 98 degrees so that’s how much the sample is supposed to be too.


Information is power they say. That’s the main reason why you need to learn a little more about these things before going to the test. Finding out where the best place to buy synthetic urine is should be the highest priority. How it is conducted and you being prepared for it is also an important issue.

Never let yourself be caught by something unknown. This will make you nervous, you’ll start panicking, and when this happens, a lot of mistakes happen too. Make sure you have everything under control and relax because you’ll know that everything will go smoothly.