The Right Way Of Contacting And Communicating With A Chinese Manufacturer


When it comes to manufacturing output, China pretty much beats every country in the world. Statistics even suggest that 80 to 90 percent of goods sold in the US market of Amazon are sourced from foreign countries, China being a major supplier.

As soon as you start your business on Amazon, you will find that many Chinese suppliers try to contact you. Nevertheless, this happens only if you seem a genuine and long-term client. Then again, if this doesn’t happen, there are many ways in which you can connect with Chinese suppliers. If you have always sourced products from foreign countries, you surely have some experience in the matter.

However, it is best if you consider cultural and language barriers when it comes to sourcing products from China. It is observed that many people get frustrated as they fail to move forward even after talking to Chinese suppliers for months. Therefore, it is best if you take some time and strategically think of how to contact Chinese factories.

To help you out, here we have discussed the top 3 ways of connecting with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. Keep on reading if you wish to source products from China.

Ways of finding a Chinese manufacturer

  1. Use your business contacts

Sourcing products from China is very common these days. This means surely someone from your professional or social circle may have worked with Chinese suppliers or know someone who has. Also, your local trade associations will be able to provide your relevant information.

  1. Use the internet

Plenty of B2B platforms can get you hold of Chinese manufacturers. Here you can easily find their business information and contact details. It is a go-to choice of sellers on Amazon, Alibaba, and other such platforms to connect with Chinese suppliers.

  1. Sourcing agents

If you have no experience in sourcing products from any foreign country, it will be best if you work with a sourcing agent. Your sourcing agent will provide you details of not just one, but many different suppliers. They will even acquire sample products and quotes from different manufacturers for you.

Sourcing agents can help even those who have always sourced products from China, but are looking forward to expanding their product line and overall business. Also, since sourcing agents have a local presence in the country, they are aware of the changing business regulations, and thus you can expect to get constant guidance. All in all, if you are clueless about how to contact Chinese factories, sourcing agents can be the answer to your problem.

Dealing with the supplier

Once you have shortlisted manufacturers, the next step is to initiate effective communication with them. For this, the easiest way is to send emails. Try to be as professional as you can. It will be best if you use your business email and even include the name and URL link of your business website. A Chinese manufacturer will only contact you if you seem genuine.

When you get a response, be prepared to email back certain crucial details. Usually, suppliers are mainly interested in knowing your order size, so give them a rough estimate for the same. It will work well if you be as specific and true as possible. After all, even the manufacturer will profile you online and verify whether you are a genuine buyer or not.

Furthermore, also try to convey details of the market you plan to target. This will give a clear idea to the manufacturer about the quality you will need to ensure good sales. Be clear, but polite while conducting business with Chinese suppliers, and before going ahead, take all the necessary details like – price per unit, minimum order quantity, how the product will be packed, etc.

The task of finding and working with a Chinese supplier may sound daunting, but with the right strategy, you will be able to handle it easily. Also, if you got no experience, your sourcing agent will have your back.