The Situations When a Wired Connection Is Vital In Business.


 It is true that a wireless connection is what most businesses want because they provide many of their employees with smart phones and other devices and so this allows them to work while out on the road. What many business owners seem to forget however is that the wired connection still offers up many advantages and especially so when it comes to protecting important business data and customer information as well. Technology is at the heart of any modern business nowadays and so you need to make sure that when you upgrade your technology for example that you still leave yourself open with the option of a hardwired connection.

You also need to make sure that you are utilising ethernet switching so that all of the devices that you use for your business like your laptops, your desktop computers, routers, servers and many printers are all connected to one local LAN. Just by putting this into place, you are reducing your network down time and increasing the performance and available bandwidth. The following are just some of the important situations when a wired connection is going to be vital for your particular business.

  • For securing data – If your business involves you holding lots of customer information like credit card and debit card details then you want the best security possible and you can get that with a wired connection. It stops people from hacking into it from outside your business and this is why many large business enterprises use a wired connection instead of a wireless one.
  • You get superior speed – It depends on the type of business that you are running but if you have large databases and you want to be able to transfer large amounts of information then you need a wired connection. Many of these processes can be incredibly intensive and so you need to make sure that you have the bandwidth needed.
  • To maintain your processes – If your business relies greatly on data systems then you do not want your processes to be interrupted and this can happen if you are using a wireless system. You want to be able to back up data quickly and to also hold online conferences now that businesses seem to be going that way permanently.

Nobody is saying that you have to turn away from a wireless system but it makes perfect sense to always have a wired network available to you. Certain tasks should be done using a wired connection and if you pick a hybrid approach then you really can’t go wrong.